Our daily excursion is far more than pure two hour ride, because we will reveal you numerous secrets of this area, inhabited from ancient history. Our route is carefully planned, so you can feel the spirits of the past by visiting most attractive archeological sites in the area, and learn a lot about it’s rich history. We will show you the way through labyrinth of ancient stone walls, and take you to the journey through history; buildings from roman era, medieval churches and buildings, secrets of the World War II, it is all there for you.

Vodice area hides enormously rich cultural heritage. Highlights of our tour are two ancient sites. First is old cistern built by Romans, which has supplied water for local people ever since it was built, and has remained very well preserved. Second stop is our most attractive spot: archeological site Velika Mrdakovica, which hides the remains of ancient city Arauzona. It is old liburnian-roman settlement from 5th century B.C, which existed until second century. Mrdakovica is also the highest point on our route, and from the top of it you can enjoy the stunning views of Vodice area. It is a perfect photo spot. Our journey will finish where it started, beneath Okit hill, with 17th century church built on top of it. This church has an interesting legend around it, and we’ll be more than happy to tell you more about it. Best way to do it is during relaxed atmosphere after our ride. Relax yourself in unique ambient of konoba “Karmelski dvori”, enjoy traditional dalmatian specialties, prosciutto and cheese, together with some astonishing dalmatian wines.